April – Five under £5

I’ve been looking forward to writing this months post ever since I first read about Five under £5 over at Rainbeaubelle. The car boot season has started!

I live a short walk from a great regular car boot sale. One crisp morning I put my three year old on my back and my baby in the buggy and set out in search of some bargains. I went later than I hoped and had to walk around twice before finding anything I wanted to buy. Here’s what I found.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea – 10p

As soon as I saw this classic book I knew I wanted to buy it and when they said it was only 10p I was delighted. My daughter loves it and we read it every night for weeks. It’s now a firm favourite and has even inspired some creative play.

Elmer colouring book – 10p

I had another rummage at the same stall and found an unused colouring book which we love in this house.

Cross body bag – 20p

I’ve been looking for this style of bag for a while now. I had my eye on one from Fat Face that is currently out of my budget. I couldn’t believe that the seller only wanted 20p for an M&S bag in perfect condition. I love how light it is and use it every day. The bag fits in my changing bag too. The only trouble is that I struggled to photograph it!

Short sleeve top – 20p

I’m on the look out for short sleeve tops for my three year old in preparation for the warmer weather and this was the only one I could find. Hopefully there will be more next time.

Pair of socks – 5p

Socks are always going missing here and this sparkly pair caught my eye. I wasn’t sure whether they’d fit my three year old or baby but the three year old has claimed them and and they fit perfectly.

I’m already looking forward to the next car boot.


One thought on “April – Five under £5

  1. You have done amazingly well on the budget there! Car boots must be where it’s at – love the bag and Elmer and The Tiger Who Came to Tea are some of my favourite stories. Thanks for joining in! #fiveunder5 x


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