May – Five under £5

Here I am, finally linking up with Rainbeaubelle again. My post is slightly late due to a certain pair of new molars and an epic trip to Suffolk which I may or may not still blog about. For now I’ll just say it involved vomit in a tandem carry, train cancellations and a first class upgrade…


Anyway, this month I’ve had another successful car boot trip. I love digging around for bargains and this time the weather was awesome meaning a very busy field full of sellers.

I love being able to treat myself whilst on a budget and this Emma Bridgewater tin is perfect especially for 50p. I bought one full price for someone years ago and have always loved the bright colours.


I’ve been looking out for a toy keyboard and microphone for ages. My three year old is absolutely delighted with this £3 bargain. She’s regularly belting out 2 little men in a flying saucer often first thing in the morning!


I also picked up this tunnel for 50p. Thankfully it folds down and fits under the coffee table. My daughter loves to hide in it.


Just before I left, I asked my husband if he wanted me to look out for anything. He asked for large rucksacks and I found this pair for £3. They came in handy to carry everything else home in.


Finally one of my other favourite places to pick up bargains is the Next clearance section. These sunglasses were £3 and I picked then up just as the weather brightened up.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “May – Five under £5

  1. You are a car boot pro! The rucksacks for £3 are an amazing find aren’t they? Oh and I love the little men in a flying saucer song!! Haha Thanks for joining in with #fiveunder5 xx


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