Silent Sunday



June – Five under £5


I’m a bit late with this post again but here goes.

My favourite drink at the moment is Rose Lemonade by Fentimans. They serve it in my local pubs and I enjoyed a glass on my birthday. I was really chuffed to find some larger 750ml bottles in the clearance section of my local Co Op for £1.09 each.

Two pairs of my pyjama bottoms needed replacing in the space of a week. This pair from Next aren’t my favourite colour but are so comfortable and were only £2 in the online clearance section. I love the cuffs at the bottom which stop me tripping up over the fabric as I’m not that tall.

Also from the Next clearance section online are two lovely sun hats for my 3 year old. I tried in vain to buy some from the last car boot but they had none in her size. This pack cost £5 and she loves them.

I love buying local strawberries from my greengrocers. They’re usually £2 a punnet and these were genuinely some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Apparently they were a different variety.

Finally we have the Anyway Up Cow Cup. They cost £5 but are really easy to clean and are completely non spill. My daughter found them hard to drink from at first but has no trouble now. We bought ours from Boots, Mothercare and EBay.

Next time I’ll be torn between bargains from the car boot and the Dotcomgiftshop sale.

I’ve linked this post over at Rainbeaubelle.

Father’s Day

Shortly after my Dad died, all the marketing emails came flooding in for Mother’s Day. I remember thinking the lead up to Father’s day was going to be awful with constant reminders of his painful absence. But they never really came.

Fast forward two years and every company seems to be asking whether I’ve bought his card or present yet. Sometimes it really stings.

Then I’ll see something I would have bought for him. Like a card with ‘You’re never too old to need your Dad’ written on it. Ain’t that the truth.

May – Five under £5

Here I am, finally linking up with Rainbeaubelle again. My post is slightly late due to a certain pair of new molars and an epic trip to Suffolk which I may or may not still blog about. For now I’ll just say it involved vomit in a tandem carry, train cancellations and a first class upgrade…


Anyway, this month I’ve had another successful car boot trip. I love digging around for bargains and this time the weather was awesome meaning a very busy field full of sellers.

I love being able to treat myself whilst on a budget and this Emma Bridgewater tin is perfect especially for 50p. I bought one full price for someone years ago and have always loved the bright colours.


I’ve been looking out for a toy keyboard and microphone for ages. My three year old is absolutely delighted with this £3 bargain. She’s regularly belting out 2 little men in a flying saucer often first thing in the morning!


I also picked up this tunnel for 50p. Thankfully it folds down and fits under the coffee table. My daughter loves to hide in it.


Just before I left, I asked my husband if he wanted me to look out for anything. He asked for large rucksacks and I found this pair for £3. They came in handy to carry everything else home in.


Finally one of my other favourite places to pick up bargains is the Next clearance section. These sunglasses were £3 and I picked then up just as the weather brightened up.

Thanks for reading!